Level 4 Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Daycare and Boarding

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Key Information

Award Type: Certificate
Code: 603/5500/1
Credits: 13
Learning Hours: 91
Start Date: Anytime
Study Mode: Online
Total Qualification Time: 127
Units: 3

Course Description

The Level 4 Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Day Care, and Boarding program has been meticulously structured to equip learners with the foundational knowledge essential for engaging with domestic dogs as dog walkers or providers of dog daycare and boarding services. This qualification also imparts the necessary expertise for tending to domestic cats and dogs in a pet-sitting capacity, either within the animals’ own home or the domicile of the client.

This qualification proves to be a prime option for individuals already involved in the roles of dog walking or pet sitting, seeking to acquire pertinent qualifications and training to advance their career trajectory.

This Ofqual-regulated qualification adheres to the stipulated Defra Animal Activity Licensing requisites for individuals engaged in pet sitting or boarding roles. The curriculum encompasses a comprehensive exploration of comprehending pets in a business context, delving into the evolutionary traits and behaviors of various dog breeds, and addressing the day-to-day considerations integral to operating a pet sitting, dog walking, or daycare/boarding enterprise.

It’s important to note that this qualification does not incorporate practical units. Therefore, learners are not evaluated based on practical dog walking or pet sitting skills as part of this program. This feature enables learners to complete the qualification irrespective of whether they own pets or are currently employed in the sector.

Upon successfully completing the Level 4 Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Day Care, and Boarding, learners are presented with the option to transition directly into employment or self-employment as professional dog walkers, boarders, or pet sitters. Alternatively, they can opt to pursue further education in this realm, including advanced qualifications in Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting.

Career Progression:

The Level 4 Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Day Care, and Boarding holds Ofqual recognition, catering to learners aspiring to operate dog walking or pet-sitting/boarding ventures. The demand for roles within the dog care and pet care sector is ascending. Attaining a regulated qualification to become a professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter/Boarder ensures that candidates fulfill the Defra Animal Activity Licensing prerequisites. A recognized qualification also instills confidence in clients, assuring them that candidates possess the apt training to provide adequate care for their pets.

Potential careers in the canine sector encompass:

Kennel Assistant

Kennel Manager

Dog Home Boarder

Day Care for Dogs

Dog Trainer

Dog Handler (including roles in Fire service, Search and Rescue, Customs & Excise, and Military)

Assistance Dog Trainer

Dog Behaviourist

Animal Welfare Officer/Inspector

Dog Groomer

Dog Walker

Entry Requirements

Applicants need to have attained a Level 2 education and should feel at ease around unfamiliar dogs and cats. The minimum age requirement is 18 years..

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