Level 3 Diploma in Kennel and Cattery Management

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Key Information

Award Type: Certificate
Code: 603/4611/5
Learning Hours: 354
Start Date: Anytime
Study Mode: Online
Units: 8

Course Description

This qualification aligns with the requisites for Higher Standard Animal Activity Licensing.

In a broader context, establishments such as kennels and catteries can be categorized into those that focus on boarding dogs and/or cats and those dedicated to re-homing neglected or unwanted animals. The responsibilities of a Kennel or Cattery Manager exhibit significant variation, contingent upon the scale and nature of the organization or enterprise.

Engagement in the Kennel or Cattery Management facet for an animal charity contrasts distinctly with roles in a private boarding enterprise. Working within an animal charity encompasses supplementary responsibilities including re-homing, behavioural evaluations, health assessments, ensuring long-term enrichment for animals, and more.

Occupations entailing direct interaction with dogs and cats can involve hands-on, occasionally messy, and physically demanding tasks outdoors. An essential factor is the willingness to operate outdoors irrespective of weather conditions, as numerous.

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