We are a rural delivery agent for the UK.

Seren Skills is focused on building a supportive and evolving rural academy (not just horticulture or farming) to support the sector with developing existing and future business skills.

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Social enterprise in rural England.

Nearly half a million people work on farms. The total income from farming in the UK is over £5 billion. But while agriculture shapes the rural landscape, it is a minor component of the contemporary rural economy. Rural areas support about half a million businesses, mostly unrelated to farming. These are mainly small and micro enterprises that employ about 70 per cent of the workers in rural England.

This figure compares with the 15 per cent of the rural workforce employed in agriculture, forestry and fishing. Social enterprise is a sector growing in importance, as more communities choose to run their own pubs, village shops or other key facilities. Overall, the Gross Value Added from rural areas of England is worth around £400 billion.  

We are experts

We can play a key role in working within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Apprenticeship sector as advisors, influencers and subject matter experts working on the principle to develop a harmonised approach to a rural delivery agent for the UK.

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We aim to provide a focused rural academy for 21st century farming.

Seren Skills has developed a focused rural academy (not just horticulture or farming) but a dedicated provider focusing on:

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    Farming in the 21st century (Digital Farming)
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    Field to fork (working with key providers of food sustainability and cooking)
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    High standards for food safety and quality
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    Animal welfare & environmental protection
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    Animal care
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    Thoroughbred racing
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    Golf trainer
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    Sports turf
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We offer more

Digital Farming Concentration


Geo-location services associated with the Global Positioning System and its extensions. It is the overlay of these geo-location services on a digital map for precision sensing, identification, predictive decision making, and action. 

Decision quality information 

Decision quality information is timely and within the decision loop of the event. It is delivered by advanced sensors, descriptive models, and predictive algorithms that provide the required insight to the agronomic issue. 


Cultivation is a beginning to end, an end-to-end, real-time, continuous, decision process that requires timely decisions and actions. It extends upstream of planting and downstream of harvest. Cultivation is about the knowledgeable but subjective observational powers of the individual. 

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